About Smart Land

We have experience in controlling irrigation systems in landscaping, and in traditional systems.

these systems wasted a lot of water that crops do not need, which will lead to desertification. We collect our ideas to introduce systems that are controlled in traditional systems, but we believe that this system is subject to control cannot be used on the traditional system, so by thinking more and asking some experts in the field, we get to this idea using sensors and a mobile application to control these systems.

So that we can use our system or product instead a controlled system that is controlled by timers, and the traditional system that can be replaced by sprinklers, so we can control the sprinkler irrigation systems. Others suggested using temperature sensors on our system, others suggested using wind speed sensors, while others suggested using weather sensors. And many other ideas such as using water bottles to control the pump and many others.

So we collected all these ideas and created an irrigation project attached to a fertilization project, the irrigation project depends on the sensors that we put in the soil to measure the degree of moisture for us, and on the basis of which the system irrigates the crops according to the needs of the plant, and the fertilizing system works through a machine that we made and controlled by applying On the phone so that we control the type and quantity of fertilizers. Thus, our system is made up of a base for control and enables fertilization.

Our Team

CEO and co-founder of smart land

Khaled Mohsen alabbass

Background: Master of Science in electrical engineering and famers from 10 years ago worked in the irrigation and fertigation domains.

COO and Co-Founder of Smart Land

Saad Eldeen Mashhour AlAbbass

Background: Electrical engineer, and have 5 year experience in landscaping and nursery, also worked in agriculture.

Why choose us?

We are 2 electrical engineer guys that have some experience in engineering, from here our thinking can be technological in some times, so we can work in technology. But the main work of us is the agriculture, we were working in the agriculture from more than 10 years, from these years of work we have a lot of experience in agriculture and know everything in agriculture, we face a lot of problems in the agriculture which taught us the solution of the most problems of the agriculture.