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We are 2 electrical engineer guys that have some experience in engineering, from here our thinking can be technological in some times, so we can work in technology. But the main work of us is the agriculture, we were working in the agriculture from more than 10 years, from these years of work we have a lot of experience in agriculture and know everything in agriculture, we face a lot of problems in the agriculture which taught us the solution of the most problems of the agriculture.


So now we can solve any problem faces us in the agriculture without return to any expert, so we become expert in agriculture, in some cases we know in agriculture more than any agriculture engineer. We worked or cultivated in different lands and in different areas, from here we taught the difference between areas and the problems that faced each area and every farm can be divided onto many different zones.

Most of our work in the agriculture was in the irrigation which is the hardest part of the agriculture, so we faces a lot of problems while working on this (e.g. cut off the pipe, problems with the pump, problems with the water pressure, and many problems that we can’t translate into sentences any farmer can face in his trip in agriculture). These problems in some cases we can’t prevent them directly, so we need time to solve them also its hard to find it, and if some of these problems stay a much time, it can create a lot of problems that is problems in the output and problems that affect the cost.

By working with the irrigation you must working with the fertigation which is a hard process that most of farmers suffer from its problems and its risks, and their no accuracy in the process because the farmer choose the quantity and estimate that this quantity is accurate, also this quantity can affect his crops in some cases by increasing these quantity.

Finally you should choose us because we think like you, we think as a farmer, and our mindset is to help the farmers and to make the agricultural domain more developed, you should choose us because we know the problems of irrigation, we know the problems of fertigation, and finally we know the solution of these problems. And our scope is to make the solution of these problems more flexible, comfortable, and detected faster.