SmartLand: Irrigation and Fertigation System

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Our products and services are built for the convenient, accurate and hi-tech use by our customers, whether they have a small backyard, a soccer field, a greenhouse or acres of landscape which they need to water or fertilize. Our SmartLand solution will automatically adjust itself as changes in the surroundings occur such as the soil moisture, humidity, temperature and wind speed, which all affect the irrigation requirements.

Mandara Village

Our client is a Lebanese farmer who cultivates more than 500 acres of land every season in Beqaa, Lebanon. One his lands, a 10-ares land is located in Mandara, West Beqaa. It is planted with tomatoes, beans, eggplants and other vegetables. Although our client was using the underground irrigation system, but due to climate changes in the past few years, water became scarce due to climate change and our client was looking to harvest his land for more than once a year. Equipped with SmartLand irrigation and fertigation systems, our client started to reap the benefits of his land all year round, increasing its produce while decreasing cost of energy, water and fertilizers.

“Last year we were only able to cultivate our land during a single season due to the unavailability of water, but after using SmartLand, the system that saves water and money, we have been able to cultivate our land for two consecutive seasons without any issues.”
Ibrahim AlSayed, Manadara Farm Owner

Elmery Marjaayoun

Our South Lebanese client’s farm comprises a considerate number of sheep, goats, and cows. Due to the economic crisis in Lebanon and prices increase, feeding his live stock has become extremely cumbersome and exorbitant. SmartLand team came to the rescue with the design of a barley sprouting feeder system enabling our client to produce cheaper food in his farm.

With custom-designing, supplying and installing of the fully automated system including irrigation, fertigation, heating, and cooling, the client started producing seven kilos of sprouting barley, which has more protein and nutrients. With just one kilo of barley, the farmer was able to produce the seven kilos of sprouting barley without recourse to any other type of food.


“I have installed the smart system on my land and it became fully automated and smart, it saves time and costs for me”.
Hassan Kais, Elmery Marjaayoun Farm Owner

Ehmej Mont Lebanon

Our client, who happened to be coaching SmartLand team during Berytech’s Agrytech Program decided to use the company’s solutions to grow his land with more than 20 types of crops, succeeding with planting with no previous experience in agriculture, just by using SmartLand systems.


“SmartLand has a professional team that installs a convenient irrigation system, and after SmartLand's work I have been able to become a farmer and cultivate my own land.”
Andre Abi Awwad, CEO of Entreprenergy

Own Villa Garden Landscaping

With water scarcity in the neighborhood, our Client was challenged with inability to water their 400 m2 villa’s garden. This has been solved with SmartLand system that uses water efficiently, allowing our customer to grow a perfect green and laid-back garden.
Hussein Askar, CEO, Mashaal Association


“A much needed system that can help farmers and make the agriculture industry more developed”.
Shadi El Riashi, General Manager, Debanne Agri, Beqaa


“A revolutionary technology will be added to the agriculture industry in Lebanon making the lives of farmers easier and developing the country’s and other countries’ overall agriculture sector”.
Salah Awad, Chief Technology Officer, Berytech