SmartLand: Irrigation and Fertigation System

Tools and Systems

Tools and Machines

The main three components of our systems are:

The controller

The Controller is remotely operated by SmartLand’s mobile app. Following a thorough assessment of the land needs, the recommended soil moisture measurements are provided by SmartLand experts, and are automatically saved in a database, which feeds the systems and allows as such to remotely irrigate and fertigate the land.

Irrigation System

The irrigation system consists of the use of a pump and a valve as well as pipes which are automatically operated through the controller, via the app.

Fertigation Machine

Make your daily job an easier one by using this machine which contains the fertilizers with pre-specified quantities for each zone of your land. It simply receives its command from the “Controller”.

Systems Used

SmartLand irrigation and fertigation systems combine the following:

Traditional system

A large scale of farmers and landscapers are familiar with this system because it is easy to use and depends on labor and there is almost always a definite output.

Timer system

Timer system is a guaranteed and easy-to-use automated system, controlled by personnel. The sprinkler timer allows each valve to open, run and close at a pre-specified time.

Scheduled Irrigation

A traditional system to determine the correct frequency and duration of watering by the farmer. The goal of this system is to apply enough water to fully damp the plants' root zone without overwatering. It then allows the soil to dry out in between watering to allow air to enter the soil and encourage root development