SmartLand: Irrigation and Fertigation System

Our Services

Our Services

Project Design, Development & Maintenance

SmartLand offers:

  1. Horticulture
  2. Arboriculture
  3. Landscaping solutions

Our experts offer tailored projects design, solutions development and installation and maintenance.
Our dedicated members provide clients with customized service, adopting an easy-to-use approach with innovative, creative, affordable and responsible design, supported by high quality work execution, management and coordination.

Crop Advisory

Our Crop Advisory Services comprise the following:
  1. Undertaking feasibility studies for agricultural projects.
  2. Advisory on best agricultural practices for optimal results.
  3. Collecting and analyzing information related to agricultural fields and crops.
  4. Planning and implementing fertigation programs.
  5. Planning and implementing disease control measures and programs.
  6. Implementing agricultural projects.
  7. Assessing and evaluating project implementation success rate.
  8. Maintaining developed solutions.