SmartLand: Irrigation and Fertigation System


What our clients say about SmartLand

Our Testimonials

Last year we were only able to cultivate our land during a single season due to the unavailability of water, but after using SmartLand, the system that saves water and money, we have been able to cultivate our land for two consecutive seasons without any issues.
Ibrahim AlSayed, Manadara Farm Owner
I have installed the smart system on my land and it became fully automated and smart, it saves time and costs for me
Hassan Kais, Elmery Marjaayoun Farm Owner
SmartLand has a professional team that installs a convenient irrigation system, and after SmartLand's work I have been able to become a farmer and cultivate my own land.
Andre Abi Awwad, CEO of Entreprenergy
A revolutionary technology will be added to the agriculture industry in Lebanon making the lives of farmers easier and developing the country’s and other countries’ overall agriculture sector.
Salah Awad, Chief Technology Officer, Berytech