SmartLand: Irrigation and Fertigation System

About us

About Us

Who We Are

SmartLand is a new, efficient, user-friendly and unique irrigation and fertigation system with advanced technologies. It combines the features of a traditional system, an automated system, a timed system, and a scheduled Irrigation system.

Coupled by their agricultural know how and electrical engineering background, what started as an answer to SmartLand’s founding partners’ family agricultural business challenges, developed into a revolutionary and award-winning solution.

Connected to a mobile app, our technological and smart controller tool allows farmers and agriculture professionals to manage the full harvest cycle from wherever they are in the world, making this innovative solution an acclaimed tool that supports farmers and enables them to:

  1. Increase their yield
  2. Minimize costs
  3. Maximize revenues

SmartLand uses a smart and automated irrigation and fertigation system that works on renewable energy. Operated by a smart controller that regulates the timely distribution of water according to the plant’s needs, it also allows for efficient consumption of fuel. Besides, It controls the dissemination of fertilizers needed for crops’ quality and quantity improvement.

Located in Lebanon’s West Beqaa, SmartLand serves customers all over the Lebanese territory and across the Mena region.

What we offer

SmartLand Solutions

SmartLand developed an automated Demo Farm in Almarj, West Beqaa, Lebanon which includes:

Irrigation System
Irrigation System

A smart irrigation system that irrigates plants according to their needs

Fertigation System
Fertigation System

A smart fertigation system that fertigates plants in accordance to their specific needs

Conditions Regulator
Conditions Regulator

A fully automated heating and cooling system that regulates the temperature inside the farm